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Pain Relief
Weight Loss
Detoxification Improved Skin

Relief from Pain

"I can't live without it!!! Now that I've gotten that out of my system, here's the story. I'm a fifty-eight year-old female that's had knee and ankle surgery and now a good deal of arthritis in hip, knee, and ankle joints. I just bought a new home (dated 1751) and am trying to sell my current one. In order to show it well we took everything out of the basement, my sauna !!, and everything went into a storage unit. It was supposed to be temporary but now has been 4 months and cold, damp winter has set in. I can't begin to tell you how I miss the sauna. My joints are aching and stiff but my all over general well-being seems affected. I used to enjoy it for at least 20 minutes every morning before showering and getting off to work. I feel it even affects my outlook in my job as a salesman. If my house doesn't sell soon, I'm determined to find a place for it. Well, I don't mean to be too dramatic but, I can't say enough about your life-changing product."

     -Adele W

"I wanted to let you know how excited I am about my improved health already!! My friends and family are impressed! I'm so thankful to have so much less pain and inflamation. My doctor is so excited too. I was taking 16 ibuprofen a day and now I usually take 4 at the most!! I haven't missed a night since I started. Thanks!!"

      -Beth S

"I wanted to write to you to tell you how much we like our sauna! It has really helped us both feel better!! A large area of mild vericose veins is almost gone on my thigh, it has improved a small hemorrhoid, it has taken arthritis pain out of joints in my thumbs (Heberden's node is the medical term. It is common on my mom's side of the family.) It is helping the arthritis in my toes. It helps me sleep like I have had a sleeping pill. I have more energy and noticed that after the second treatment. I use it for 30 - 40 minutes before my shower before bed. We feel the electric mat we bought is very beneficial to help us perspire. We sent it in for repair and noticed a big difference when it was gone. We use it on a setting of 5 as well as the sauna on a setting of 5 on the chest and foot sections. By the way, I am 54 yrs old. 

     "My husband (67 yrs old) has had a cadmium toxicity and no one had told him how to get rid of it. This sauna will remove it (we hope). He doesn't have to get up at night to go to the bathroom so he sleeps better. It has helped his back, elbow pain, neck pain, his sinuses (He puts his head inside of the curtain) and his plantar faciitis (heel pain). He has more energy and it takes away his aches and pains. He has had a low body temp from a problem with his thyroid and we think that has helped his body temperature come up which has to make one feel better, too. A side effect, is his muscles seem to be more efficient? (able to lift more weight when working out). His iron levels have tended to be high for years.  He just got back yesterday his most recent blood work which showed a drop in the iron levels."

     -Monica and Kirk B

"I have been diagnosed with many chronic conditions, lymes, fibromyalgia, candidia, Epstein barr (other virus), arthritis and a poor auto immune system. Suffering for over 9 years with mild relief after seeing a number of specialists. In finding only temporary relief from eating proper foods, exercise, manipulations and medications that doctors would give me just to mask my conditions. My infectious disease doctor suggested that I can benefit with an infrared sauna treatment. At the same time my massage therapist mentioned far-infrared sauna treatment. In doing a lot of research I found that detoxification is a good restart for my healing process.

     "Before committing to a program, I wanted to try the sauna out, my first visit with the treatment was only 15 min. and I was addicted and continued for two weeks. Because of how much better I feel each day and wanting to share the health benefits with others, I decided to start my own business Maya Healing, Ltd.

     "In my search for quality & value along with a non prescription approach, knowing it was out there, led me to you. I want to thank you for all your help and information you had given me. I encourage all to seriously consider using a far-infrared sauna for practicing good maintenance in keeping healthy. On your site there are a lot of doctor testimonies and while I am not a doctor my body can feel the difference each day for the past two months. My treatments have been great without the heavy die off reactions. I now feel that I can get back on the road to better health and back to work."

     -Kim P

"I have "DJD", degenerative joint disease, arthritis, in both my knees. Just trying to stand up was excruciating and I was unable to be on my feet for any length of time without terrible pain and weakness setting in. On the occasions that I absolutely had to walk up or down stairs, I would get a death grip on the rail while ever so slowly forcing my robotically stiff knees to bend enough to take each step. Although I take every supplement known to man to help this condition, I saw little improvement.

     "Eight weeks ago I started using the infrared sauna for 25 minutes every day. Within the first month, I was completely amazed at how much better my knees were. I have absolutely no knee pain, no swelling, and I can walk up and down stairs just like a normal person. My robotic, stiff knees are a thing of the past, and I am completely pain free and symptom free. It's as if the arthritis is just gone!

     "The far infrared sauna system has also created a weight loss miracle for me! In the past 8 weeks, I've lost 8.6 lbs effortlessly. I am losing at least a pound a week just by spending 25 minutes per day in the sauna. I am not counting calories, and my only "diet" is still just trying to eat healthy. My "diet" hasn't changed at all. Until now, I haven't been exercising either, but I am starting to workout in my home gym this week. If I can lose a lb. a week without even trying, just think what I can do if I add a short workout every day!"

     -Jeri C

"I had a horrible accident in 1991 and damaged my hip really badly. By 1995 was told I had to have a hip replacement because there was no cartilage in that hip and the pain was so severe I had to walk with a cane and even crutches at times. I walked past the doctor and decided to become my own doctor by giving my body the nutrients/supplements it needed to heal itself.

     "I dance a lot and couldn't see myself being able to function at a high level with an artificial hip. I also had another major problem. After the wreck when the hip was healing it developed a lot of scar tissue. Over time, this would cause my foot to track at almost a 90 degree angle (to the side). I had to go to a physical therapist periodically to break this up so that my foot could track straight ahead again. Unbelievably painful to get this done. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to my hip. Before I found out I needed a hip replacement all the doctors wanted to do was give me cortisone shots. I took two in my hip and it didn't help the pain at all.

     "It couldn't have been more than 10 days after beginning using the infra-red sauna before the following happened. I was walking down my stairs to go to work. I heard this gosh awful crunching sound, just like it sounded with the physical therapist. Surprise--there was no pain. I stepped again on that foot and there was absolutely no pain and I noticed my foot was tracking almost straight ahead. I could even make it track straight with a little effort."

     -Annette B



"We love this totally natural mechanism for detoxification and relish in the fact that each drop of polluted sweat leaving our bodies brings us both one step closer to the true health we both deserve. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude as this is a very crucial weapon in our arsenal to help Phylis safely & effectively rid her body and brain of the remaining mercury load which drove her into early onset Alzheimer's disease at the early age of 45 years. (She is 48 years old right now and as you can see, she looks all of 25!)

     "Thus far, we have completed about 60 sessions in the sauna. (We do one 30 - 35 minute session every other day.) I have never felt better in my life. Each time we emerge from the sauna after a session, the rejuvenating effect is entirely present and all encompassing! I'm sure it is pulling the mercury load certainly and safely from my wife who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's one year ago - caused by her mercury amalgam fillings and poor APOe Lipoprotein genotype status.

     "You folks will no doubt be mentioned in the book I am writing on this whole ordeal. It truly appears we have stopped the progression of the Alzheimer's (The mercury's destructive march through her body and brain) and the next 6 months will finally be the light at the end of the tunnel if her MRI in December shows no further atrophy. If this is the case, it will mean the MRI's done over a 1 1/2 year period show no further atrophy of the brain since the initial MRI in July of 2004.

     "Between the infrared therapy, blood type diet, and a good exercise program, the possibilities for good health are pretty much without limit. I just got back my blood work numbers from my Doctor this morning and my profile is way better than it was back in 2001!!!"

     -Mike & Phylis B

"I am very, very pleased with the sauna, mainly because it has enabled me to achieve the goal I had in mind when I tried the sauna, which was: to get rid of heavy metals. As I had told you, I had high levels of Lead and Mercury in my body at the time of purchase.

     "After only 3 1/2 months of daily use of the sauna, my levels of lead and mercury went down very significantly. I will send you a proper email with all the details as well as photocopies of my blood test to testify. Again I am truly delighted with the results!

     "This is for me a great weight off my shoulder to have been able to achieve such fantastic results in such a small amount of time thanks to your sauna. I could hardly believe it myself when I got the latest blood test results back. I believe and feel that my body is way healthier now and I have the blood tests to prove it."

     -Pierre M

"I have been a Registered Nurse since 1980 and have years of experience in many hospital specialties and have studied Complimentary and Alternative therapies as well.

     "As an adolescent, I was exposed to multiple chemicals, mostly pesticides, while I lived in Central California . As a long distance athlete, I ran many miles through groves and orchards sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. After developing an anaphylactic reaction to mothballs, I realized that I was very dangerously reactive to two groups of pesticides: dichlorobenzene and naphthalene. Thanks to my Swedish heritage, I realized that my body needed cleansing and detoxification support.

     "Over the years, I have been conscious of pesticides and petrochemicals and gone through a number of complimentary and alternative therapies to maintain my health. These include fasting, nutrition, homeopathy, and allergy elimination techniques. I have been in private practice, utilizing several therapies to care for others as well. I have successfully been treated for my mothball allergy and am no longer anaphylactic to either group of pesticides. In 2002, I had the last of my amalgam fillings removed. In January, a DMPS challenge test showed that I had extremely high levels of mercury along with other heavy metals. This was after I had utilized cleansing measures throughout my amalgam removal process.

     "In August of 2003 the sub floor of our house was sprayed extensively for termites. My reaction was swift and severe; headaches, fatigue, even convulsions. Since that time I have experienced some persistent physical changes that have not improved even with different types of cleansing support. I have been concerned about my toxic load. In October 2005, I was given the diagnosis of having micro-calcifications and the probability of DCIS- Ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast.

     "During hours of research on many of the nation's best cancer literature and institutes' web sites, the link of cancer to pesticide exposure was repeatedly confirmed. After obtaining further opinions regarding my mammogram, my Internist agreed that six month follow up would be a safe approach. During this few months, I determined to actively address the many chemicals that I had been exposed to both in hospital environments and while growing up. This led me to research in depth the detoxification of pesticides and petrochemicals. Fortunately, several books and web sites directed me to consider Far Infrared Therapy (FIR).

     "In the 6 weeks that I have used my sauna, there have been noticeable changes. I have no joint pain and the joints in my hands have decreased in size. I have spontaneously lost 6 pounds that came on rapidly after the last pesticide exposure. Dr. Grace Ziem (Beacon of Light) presents information that dichlorobenzenes are conclusively linked to breast cancer occurrence. I'm encouraged with the progress I've obtained with my the sauna and the hope that I'm finally eliminating the chemicals I've struggled with for so many years.

     "In conclusion, I would highly recommend Far-Infrared Therapy to anyone concerned about their health. I particularly like the fact that my body is surrounded by FIR while my head can be in or out of the heated air. In 30 minutes time, I can be in a complete sweat from head to toe."

     -Laurie D


Improved Circulation/Decreased Inflammation

"I am 86 years old and have experienced mud baths, Swedish baths, and Turkish baths. None compare with the infrared sauna experience. After only using the sauna for 5 days I saw amazing results with my Sunlight Sauna.  5 years ago I underwent a bypass heart surgery where a vein was removed from my ankle to my groin.  Since the surgery I have had swelling in this leg and noticed an immediate reduction in the swelling after using the sauna.  The sauna left me feeling cleansed and relaxed allowing me to fully enjoy my sleep. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for pain management and detoxification."

     -Harold S

"My husband and I are very pleased with the far infrared sauna. My husband's poor circulation improved significantly after the first week of using it. After the second week, his chronic sinus inflammation lessened, as well as annoying headaches. In less than 30 days, his cholesterol and blood pressure readings were down, as well. Overall, the daily 20 minute sessions provide increased physical and mental energy for the both of us. We would not be without using the far infrared sauna. We love it!!"

     -Buck & Connie K

"The sauna is the greatest "blues chaser" ever invented.  I spend a half hour in the sauna every day, and feel much better for it.  Whatever its magic is, it gives me an energy boost and improves my mental attitude.  The one effect I am sure of is that it has improved my circulation.  It is winter here, and my feet are usually cold, but after a session in the sauna, my feet are warm for several hours."

     -Dorie D


Weight Loss

"As the owner/operator of a Liberty Fitness Club, I made the decision to purchase a far-infrared sauna to add to the "Wellness" portion of our business. And what a great decision it was!  While some members were skeptical at first, they cannot believe the difference in what it does for pain relief and their skin.  And wearing a heart rate monitor while using the sauna, increasing their heart rate, proved that additional weight loss is possible."

     -Angela D

"We have had our sauna in our gym since July of this year. We absolutely love it. Our customers are already falling in love with it. They tell us their skin is softer and also those with complexion trouble spots are seeing improvement. Of course, many of our ladies love the burning the extra calories after their workouts. I have arthritis and it helps me reduce the stiffness. Many of us are finding that we are more relaxed after using it."

     -Judy W

"I still use my sauna consistently and absolutely LOVE IT. As long as I sauna regularly, I have no pain or symptoms of arthritis in my knees. Last year during the holiday season, I stored the sauna and didn't use the sauna for a couple of months. Of course, my arthritis came back, but resuming the daily use of my sauna quickly eliminated it again.

     "Last year I developed Diabetes, and that really slowed my weight loss efforts down for a while. (I've lost 30 lbs. so far.) It took me a while to sift through many schools of thought about treatment and diet, but I now have a plan that is working. Not for even one second did I believe that I would have Diabetes and be on medication the rest of my life. From day one, I have said that I would beat this, and I am getting better all the time. I've already been able to eliminate the twice daily injections of Byetta and am down to just one Metformin pill in the evening. By the end of this year I expect to be off all medication and have no symptoms of Diabetes. I will be "healed" if not "cured", just like my arthritis.

     "In order to accomplish this, I have chosen a fairly low carb (not to the Atkins level) and low fat diet that has really helped me start losing weight again. I expect to be back to a size 8 by the end of this year, and this alone will help me eliminate the insulin resistance portion of Diabetes. Using the sauna every day is such a wonderful help with the weight loss because it burns calories, naturally boosts metabolism, and releases the nasty toxins trapped in fat cells."

     -Jeri C

"I am 56 years old and have always had high triglycerides. My dad was a chiropractor and said it was genetic. Dad's triglycerides were high and he couldn't get his down. After using the sauna 5 times a week for 8 weeks I had a blood test. My triglycerides went from 163 to 67. My cholesterol went from 161 to 145. My LDL's went from 59 to 61 and my HDL's went from 69 to 71. As an extra benefit, I also lost 6 pounds and dropped almost 2 sizes. I used to wear a tight size 16 and now I am at a loose size 14."

     -Sandy U


Skin Health

"Not only has it proven to be an excellent detoxification tool for me (I have a lot of allergies), but my skin tone and circulation have improved as well.  Overall, after each Sunlight session I feel revitalized - and recommitted to taking care of myself! As if the physical benefits weren't enough, when I'm not using it as a sauna I love just sitting in it and meditating or listening to music.  It's become a kind of spiritual haven for me, a place where I can go to shut out the world for a little bit and simply go within."

     -Kim M

"I've used my far-infrared sauna for almost four months and am dropping you this note to tell you how completely satisfied I am with it. I supervise the Intern Clinic at the Eastern School of Acupuncture where every room uses a Far infrared lamp to enhance the benefits of the treatments. Well, being surrounded by these same light rays is utterly fantastic. It is a relaxing, rejuvenating and luxurious experience. Joint pain and stiffness diminishes, circulation improves, metabolism increases and I've even seen complexions improve and facial wrinkles diminish as toxins are eliminated. My wife has asthma and experiences breathing difficulties in traditional saunas, but has no problem at all in a far-infrared sauna. She enjoys taking a sauna three or four times a week."

     -Jaganath C

"I saw first hand how it helped a dance friend who was thrown through the windshield of his truck. He had a horrible gash on his forehead, a concussion and what he called brain fog. Even after a couple of months he still had a problem dancing because of the 'brain fog'. The scarring looked as if it were turned inside outward--not good stitching by the doctors. He started using a far infrared sauna. It didn't take long to see a difference in the way he could remember how to dance. After about 3 months I started to notice that the scar was really fading. Within about 6 months when I looked at him, I didn't even notice the scar at all, in fact I had to look for it. He said he had a scar under his chin fade too. The chin scar was from an injury he received as a teenager. He's probably at least 60 now. I noticed that his skin and color looked really healthy. Also he lost some of his "beer gut". He told me this machine was supposed to breakup scar tissue and that was why the scars faded."

     "People have started to comment about what a healthy glow I have to my skin and unless my eyes are deceiving me, I hardly have any noticeable wrinkles any more. I'm retirement age and see people in their 40s who have more wrinkles than I do. My completion is fair like my sister's is so I can't get much sun either. Previously I've also had to have some pre-cancerous spots taken off. I had one on my face that had grown ugly looking to the point that I needed to go to the dermatologist. When I got the sauna I sort of forgot about it. It has almost completely disappeared. Can you see the money the sauna has saved me, not to mention the pain and aggravation of going to doctors, etc."

     "Well, the story is almost over, but not until I tell you about my friend Doug. He's my dance partner. He has a bad problem with pre-malignant spots on his head. He has had several spots cut off his face and the doctor always cuts wide and deep to make sure he gets all the bad tissue. The spots were so bad, they needed to come off. Wherever they would be cut out, there would be no hair there. It wouldn't have mattered in one area about the hair because he has (or had) a large shinny bald spot--slick as it could be. He had one particularly worrisome spot about the size of a quarter. It had already turned a very angry looking red, almost wine color. There were several others, but not as large and dark.

     "He has been taking a lot of supplements to help his body be healthy, including a hair, skin and nails supplement. Also he takes omega fatty acids. He asked to use my sauna until he could see if it would get rid of his "spots". After about 10 days I could start to see a difference in them. The strange thing is that where the spots have greatly improved, the skin looks normal, not pink like it would if a scab had been pulled off. This is the strangest thing to me. It's probably been about 25 days since he started. He wouldn't get the heat high enough to sweat until recently. Now the really bad one has diminished to the point where there is just a pink ring around the outer edge. And the ring isn't complete because on each side the healthy skin has already replaced part of the ring.

     "The biggest surprise of all is that when he came over last week he told me to look at his bald spot. He had started to scratch it and felt something. I looked and the hair is growing everywhere and really fast. The skin no longer looks shiny but looks like normal skin where there is hair. Oh, it's coming in brown like the rest of his hair, and the same texture. This made a believer of Doug."

     -Annette B

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