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Chronic Heartburn Relief                               St. Louis, MO

Quinn, 33 years old-

I have to say that I'm rather amazed at the results that the adjustments [NUCCA] from Dr. Matt Flory have had on my digestion. Before being adjusted, I suffered from years of chronic heartburn.

Previous to these adjustments, the only thing I had found to be effective were supplemental digestive enzymes. Before that, I went through tons of antacids. While the enzymes were very effective, I kept wondering why my body was not producing them on its own.

Since my initial adjustment months ago, I have had no need for the enzymes! My body is actually producing what it needs to properly digest my food! This is amazing to me to say the least. I no longer have to worry about being caught without enzymes or antacids and the resultant terrible pain. Thanks Dr. Flory!!

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