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Low Back Pain Relief                                      St. Louis, MO

Beverly, 46-

At age 18, I began going to a chiropractor due to constant lower back pain after working as a waitress. Throughout the next 28 years, I had 2 children, threw out my back twice and my neck once while getting spinal adjustments at least once a month. I would get only temporary relief at best. And I would have to constantly be massaging my tight and sore muscles.

Five months ago, I came to Delta Spinal Care and experienced an upper cervical technique called "NUCCA". My first thought was that this technique was too mild. It didn't hurt and then I realized that neither did I … for six weeks. I received another adjustment and then four months later another. I now realize something ... when I am not in constant pain, I am not constantly seeking out relief like I had for so many years.

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