Myofascial Release

Whether you’ve been struggling with chronic pain for a long time or you recently suffered an acute injury, you may benefit from myofascial release therapy performed by your chiropractor in Creve Coeur. Many different types of injuries result in pain that originates in the fascia connecting the muscles or the muscles themselves, and this type of therapy is designed to address the root causes of this kind of pain to help patients of Delta Spinal Care find lasting relief.

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What Is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release in Creve Coeur can be of huge benefit to patients suffering from a range of conditions. It involves a series of targeted treatments designed to reduce tension and loosen up muscles so that they can move freely. This muscle tension is often the cause of the pain you’re experiencing, and so relieving it will also ease your symptoms.

Conditions Myofascial Release Therapy Can Treat

Because of the nature of myofascial release therapy and the way that it focuses on the specific tissues affected, it can be used to treat conditions that impact many different areas of your body. These include things like carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, neck pain, Temporomandibular Joint disorder, and many more.

In short, myofascial release therapy from your chiro in Creve Coeur can provide lasting relief from a variety of symptoms that are caused by restrictive fascia or unnatural muscle contractions. Even if you don’t associate your symptoms with this type of issue, it can still be the underlying cause due to the way restrictions in one part of your body cause you to use another part improperly.

Favoring one side over the other to avoid pain, for example, can throw your whole myofascial system out of balance, causing pain in other areas that were previously unaffected. Professional chiropractic care Creve Coeur can assess the nature of your condition, determine the root cause, and provide treatment with many and lasting benefits.

Myofascial Release Therapy from Your Creve Coeur Chiropractor

When you’re looking for chiropractic in Creve Coeur, the professionals at Delta Spinal Care are here to provide comprehensive care to help you heal and reclaim your quality of life. After assessing your symptoms, completing a thorough physical exam, and discussing your medical history with you, your Creve Coeur chiropractor will determine if myofascial release therapy is right for you.

This type of treatment can also be combined with other therapies as part of a comprehensive plan to help you achieve positive, long-lasting results. That plan will be tailored to your specific needs and can include various types of in-office treatments as well as exercises and stretches you can do on your own at home.

Make an Appointment for Myofascial Release Therapy with Dental Spinal Care

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