Upper Cervical Pain

Upper Cervical Pain Treatment at Delta Spinal Care in Creve Coeur, MO

Are you suffering from pains in your head, neck, or upper extremities? Perhaps no single part of the body requires a more careful balance than the point where the neck meets the head. The upper cervical region of your spine can be a source of serious pain if it experiences even a minor misalignment. Fortunately, you have access to skilled experts in the upper cervical spine right here at Delta Spinal Care in Creve Coeur MO.

Woman suffering from upper cervical pain Painful Afflictions of the Upper Cervical Spine

Each major region of the spinal column features vertebrae and vertebral discs that surround some very sensitive nerve tissue -- not just the spinal cord, but also the major nerve roots that make their way through small gaps in this bony scaffolding. These features come to a head (literally) at the top of the cervical spine, where the Atlas and axis vertebrae articulate the skull. The nerve roots in this area send signals to the arms, hands and fingers. Even the slightest offset in the vertebrae or their discs can pinch these nerve roots, causing pain and tingling in the upper extremities. This problem is called cervical radiculopathy.

The muscles near the base of the skull can also be affected by an upper cervical misalignment. If your head isn't sitting exactly level on your spine, certain muscles may undergo excessive strain, causing them to tighten up and go into spasm. When this happens to the muscles attached to the dura mater (a very sensitive membrane), chronic headaches and neck pain result.

Upper cervical pain often occurs due to poor neck posture, especially that "text neck" that comes from drooping the head to view electronic devices at work. An impact to the head or neck can cause upper cervical pain. Your neck muscles may even lack the necessary strength to hold your head in a healthy position.

Safe, Gentle Care From Our Creve Coeur Chiropractor

Our Creve Coeur chiropractor is an expert at NUCCA, an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment technique known for its gentle, precise corrections. By correcting the relationship between your top two vertebrae and your skull, we can release nerve compression, allowing healing messages to replace painful ones. These corrections also allow overstressed neck muscles to relax and assume an equal weight load. In addition to NUCCA adjustments, you may benefit from massage therapy to encourage muscle relaxation, healing, and relief.

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A healthy body starts with a happy neck, so give your upper cervical spine what it needs. Call (314) 725-3358 for an appointment so we can treat your upper cervical pain!

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