Chronic Pain Relief

St. Louis, MO

Yvonne F, 58 years old -
I have been a patient of Delta Spinal Care since April (2009), having been referred to Dr. Matthew Flory by my niece. I wasa talking to her about the constant pain I had been having in my legs, chest and hands, and she said I had to see her doctor. She told me since seeing him, she no longer has migraines and many of the other problems she has had in the past have stopped. So I figured I should give it a try. After seeing Dr. Matt the first time, I understood what the source of my problems were. After my first correction, I began feeling relief from some of the pain I havve lived with for the last 4 years. I am still having some problems (of course being hit in a recent car accident didn't help!) but after having the twisting in my spine for probably most of my 57 years, I am going to be patient and trust my doctor. I will MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND Delta Spinal Care toa ll my friends and family. Now ifi I could just convince them to open an office in Illinois, I'd really be a happy camper!!!

Vicki R, 34 years old -
I am a fairly new patient of Delta Spinal Care, and from the first time I walked throught the door I felt especially comfortable. I sant and talked with the doctors about all of my symptoms and problems. I was excited about a problem that I have had for many years. I had seen many chiropractors in the past who snapped and popped my neck and then I would go home and take another pain pill. Dr. Maffit and his staff have helped me beyond belief. I have told everyone Iknnow abobut him. I am not takeing the medication like I was, and there is no popping of my neck. From my first visit I could tell a huge difference. My drive to Delta Spinal Care is over an hour one way, but it is worth it. I highly recommend Delta Spinal Care for anyone in any type of pain.

Sharon C, 35 years old -
I tell everyone I can about Delta Spinal Care. I have a 2 1/2 hour drive and it is worth it. I am only in my 30s and have had such severe pain that I had to go without driving or working for a year! In less than a month at Delta, my pain level went from an 8 to a 2! I have even brought my 7 year old who cries when she has to go to the chiropractor. After she saw the doctor and he completed her correction, she said, "When are they going to work on me?" [It was so gentle she didn't even think of getting upset.] The entirre staff is wonderful and we feel like we are among friends who care.

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