Herniated Discs

St. Louis, MO

Joe, age 31-

When I first started with Dr. Chris Maffit and Delta Spinal Care I was receiving Physical therapy for bulging and herniated discs in my neck caused by years of abuse in sports and treacherous work conditions. I was diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon and had received countless x-rays and MRI's. My symptoms were lack of feeling in my extremities, lack of full range of motion, great loss of strength, shooting and dull pain in my neck, back, shoulders, arms, hips, and legs. I was to say the least miserable and almost unable to perform my duties as a police officer, much less the duties asked of me being on specialized task forces in the City of St. Louis. To make matters worse, I needed to train very hard so as to compete the physical portion of the application process to enter the DEA.

Physical therapy was not cutting it. I needed better advice than, "Just pull these rubberbands, take these drugs, and stop all other physical tasks." After being properly diagnosed by Dr. Maffit, I only needed 8-10 visits before I was back in the game, and at 100% [results vary per indivicual case].

I highly recommed the staff and care given at Delta Spinal Care, and assure anyone that I truly "fixed" my problems, not just maked my symptoms, as the physical therpy did.

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