Back Pain Relief

St. Louis, MO

Alan, age 60

Beverly, 46-

At age 18, I began going to a chiropractor due to constant lower back pain after working as a waitress. Throughout the next 28 years, I had 2 children, threw out my back twice and my neck once while getting spinal adjustments at least once a month. I would get only temporary relief at best. And I would have to constantly be massaging my tight and sore muscles.

Five months ago, I came to Delta Spinal Care and experienced an upper cervical technique called "NUCCA". My first thought was that this technique was too mild. It didn't hurt and then I realized that neither did I … for six weeks. I received another adjustment and then four months later another. I now realize something ... when I am not in constant pain, I am not constantly seeking out relief like I had for so many years.

Brenda, age 45-

I began treatment with Dr. Allen, reluctantly, about 4 months ago. I had been in a car accident about two months earlier. The pain in my neck (from a car accident two years earlier) had returned to the point that I was taking prescription pain medication daily just to get through the workday. On weekends and week-evenings at home, I worde a soft collar (which I had gotten several years ago after having a C5-C6 fusions) just to get some relief from having to "hold my head" on my shoulders. My lower back pain was also becoming more severe (this pain also began after having the prior car accident two years earlier).

Now, after about 15 visits, some visits resulting in an adjustment and some not, my neck pain has decreased 75%. The spinal adjustments are not difficult to accept and most of the time, I feel only a slight push. I had tried traditional chiropractic care twice in the past and was always so afraid for my neck to be "popped" that I was a difficult patient to treat because I could not relax suffiently. I am not afraid of the adjustments done by Delta Spinal Care.

Although we are only beginning to work on my lower back pain, I am hopeful that I will get the sam results on that pain. As one who has been through physical therapy, traditional chiropractic care, caudal spinal pain injections, and numerous oral pain medications, I can say with 100% assurance that had I not recieived the care from Delta Spinal Care and Dr. Allen, I would not be in the reduced pain state that I am in now.

Thomas, age 61-

For more than thirty years I have suffered from a dull nagging pain in my upper back which would sometimes flair up and tighten my muscles to the point that I was unable to turn. This condition led to pains in my lower back and then in my hip which prevented me from walking more than 100 feet at a time. My family doctor treated me with pain killers. I sought relief from chiropractors, massage therapists, and sports medicine specialists. It was all very costly and none of the treatments really worked.

One of my colleagues told me about a new procedure being practiced by a Dr. Matt flory in Clayton, MO. The procedure focused on the upper spine and did not involve painful snaps of the backbone. It was suppose to work well on the spine and help to improve other medical conditions. Being a trained scientist (psychologist) and a doubing Thomas (biblical), I was quite skeptical but willing to try almost anything.

I drove the 350 miles and met with Dr. Flory for a 9:30 a.m. appointment. He interview me for my medical and physical history, took x-rays, and evaluated me. Then he began treatments very gently pushing his fingers into my neck area. I would rest and then he would redo the x-rays to check on progress. With a 2 hour break for lunch, the treatments then continued throughout the afternoon and concluded by 7:00 p.m. The results in the following weeks have been nothing short of miraculous. This pains are slowly leaving, I am able to walk several miles, and I sleep very well.

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